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What's inside the IQuinas app?

Multiple users

Share the same iPad among many users at home or your study group, with optional password access. IQuinas runs on iOS 8.1 or later on iPad, iPad Mini, and the iPad Pro.

Automatic Drills

IQuinas schedules drills automatically based on a user’s level of mastery. Difficult cards repeat more frequently while easy ones less so.


View your personal status and mastery information in the IQuinas dashboard. Difficult cards may be reviewed conveniently in a ‘difficult cards for the day’ section.

Import Cards

Flashcards can be imported in many different ways, such as text files from Quizlet, or your own. Flashcard features include text, images, and difficulty level reports.


Parents/teachers can view all students’ progress in one glance with an easy-to-understand summary.

Multiple Databases

Create up to two live databases. IQuinas also comes pre-installed with a demo database for training and demos.

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What is IQuinas?
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The iPad app ‘IQuinas’ is a fully automated memorisation system that allows students of any age to study and memorise content from flashcards (which can be made by the student or teacher) and then generate the drills for each respective subject to prepare for exams, tests, quizzes, or just simply to expand your knowledge! The app allows multiple users in one device, with optional password protection. It uses the SuperMemo algorithm to automatically create drills based on the user’s level of mastery. The same set of flashcards are shared among multiple users, while still tracking each card for each user. Flashcards can be imported in many different ways. To summarise, once you've learnt a subject, IQuinas helps you remember the content, and thus enabling you to excel in it!

  • Why is the app called IQuinas?

    IQuinas is a portmanteau of "IQ" and Saint Thomas Aquinas, the patron saint of students and universities (and of course, the app!). St. Thomas Aquinas is an Italian Dominican friar and Catholic priest who was born in 1225. He was a highly influential philosopher, theologian, and jurist in the tradition of scholasticism. The Catholic Church honours Aquinas as a saint and a Doctor of the Church.

  • Source 1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Aquinas Source 2: http://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=2530


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